We not only make, we create a vast array of products combining the power of nature with mysticism. Utilising the latest scientific techniques in biomimicry cellular extraction, sustainable harvesting of organic seaweeds, with a Tasmanian Biotechnology Company, we support global economic sustainable projects in the forests and tribes such as; the Amazon Jungle, South East Asia, India and Africa. We ensure that the ingredients we choose are planet friendly and we also source from Tasmanian businesses where possible. We believe that it is important to support the globe, as we are all on this planet together. We manufacture everything here in Tasmania and bring to you a range of products that will enhance you, your home and business. Our core mission is to provide you with a superior product, made from the best that nature has to offer, infused with the most advanced technology to bring you innovative and contemporary products.

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Free Shipping within Australia for all orders over $60
All of our products are certified cruelty free and vegan with no animal testing
All of our artisan products are designed and made exclusively in Tasmania

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Malano Australia
My goodness this scent is truly amazing.#launchingsoon Every premium candle has its own set of rules, make sure you read our instructions before burning. #tincandles #sandalwood #sage #tobaccoleaf #unisex #premiumcandles #malano #soycandles #scent #madeintasmania #handmadeintasmania #malanoaustralia #brandtasmania #candlesaustralia #discovertasmania ... See MoreSee Less
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Malano Australia
Is your roll-on perfume safe? Always check for cautions ⚠️ and full ingredients list on your packaging. WISDOM: “I am a centre of love, peace & power in a world where chaos & judgement reign. I find my centre, like the eye of the storm, I am still & present. I am intuitive & listen to the subtle messages from Spirit, I know the difference between my thoughts & the Divine. I reflect on my life with compassion & non-attachment, therefore making wise choices for my future. I am the centre of wisdom.”TOP Notes: Lemongrass, Star Anise, Lavender.MIDDLE Notes: Rosewood, Green Peppercorn, Palo Santo.TOP Notes: Oakmoss, Tolu Balsam, Amyris, Vetiver.Mantra written by Maryka copyright 2021.#rollonperfume #scent #unisex #malanoaustralia #wisdom #malano #safeproducts #madeintasmania #brandtasmania #handmadeintasmania ... See MoreSee Less
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