You might ask yourself, what on earth is Bacuri Butter? We will answer that question by explaining how amazing Bacuri Butter is. It is derived from the seeds of the Platonia Insignis fruit. The tribal people eat the fruit and the seeds are soaked for approximately 1 year. The butter is cold-pressed from the seeds. The fruit grows on the wild Bacuri trees in the Amazon rainforest. It is claimed to have miraculous properties by the local tribal medicine people.

Bacuri Butter has quite a few benefits in skincare and body products including great emollient properties and has a high rate of absorption, which is brilliant in skincare. this is because it contains a high rate of tripalmitin, it has anti-ageing properties, stabilising elastin and collagen production. Contains Methionine which is a sulphur-containing amino acid, beneficial for hair, nails and skin.

We use Bacuri Butter in our Ultra- Creams, skincare, Soaps and Shampoos. Check ingredients listings for this miracle ingredient.


Last time I was in Tasmania on my holiday from the USA, I went to Salamanca Market, I had bought Malano Australia block soaps. I fell in love with them so much, it's the best I have ever used & I've just put a new order in of 12 blocks to send to the USA.


I love the Ultra Repair Cream. It has really helped my chemical damaged skin. I also used it on my new tattoo & it had healed so quickly, better than anything else I've ever used. Can't live without my cream.


Awesome deodorants for the big man! I'm in Queensland, and the Forest Fresh deodorant has served me really well from sun-up til sun-down, all summer long. Love that it's aluminium-free, so no discomfort & no nasty rashes. So excited that I found you guys! Get this stuff in your armpits guys! It's instant #Chickmagnet material!


I purchased a a candle at Salamanca Market and just wanted to let you know how beautiful it is! The smell & strength is amazing.. Looking forward to purchasing more of your products in future.

We use exclusively Marinova Organic Seaweed, Mekabu (Wakame) and Bladderwrack.

We source only the most pristine raw ingredients. Marinova harvest Bladderwrack (Fucus Vesiculosis) from the East Coast of Tasmania and Coastal Patagonia. The second seaweed is Mekabu, better known as Wakame (Undaria Pinnatifida). Both contain high purity Fucoidan, the compound which is clinically proven to slow the ageing process, protect and soothe skin. All seaweeds are hand-harvested sustainably and are COSMOS organic certified. We use these amazing ingredients in our range of skincare because the scientific evidence is clear and well documented.

Scientists at Marinova have undertaken intensive testing in-vitro and clinical testing on humans. The evidence can be read here:

Malano Australia are proud to be a sponsor of this sanctuary.

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CITRUS DEODORANT (Aluminium- Free)

I love the citrus fragrance, smells lovely on the roller-ball. A friend actually asked if I was wearing perfume! It lasts all day and doesn’t leave a scent on your clothes.


Oh my where have you been all my life SHAMPOO BAR! I can tell you right now it’s the biggest love affair in the shower, I Love it! no more bottles no more trying to bang out the last little bit of shampoo. My hair is so clean that it’s squeaks, I can’t wait to get the conditioner bar Well done another awesome product.

Tasmanian Native Pepper. For hundreds of years the aboriginal people used native pepper berry in their food & medicine. Known as Mountain Pepper or Tasmanian Pepper, it is from the species “Tasmannia Lanceolota” prefers a cooler climate and grows in Tasmania, Victoria & New South Wales. What is so amazing about Native Pepper? Well, the aboriginal people would crush the berries, mix them in water to make a paste. This was used to treat toothaches and gum issues, a wonderful remedy for infections. Also, used for skin disorders, stomach issues and colic. The Native Pepper has been found to have 3 times the level of antioxidant activity than blueberries. It contains many beneficial compounds for the skin and good health, hailed as a superfood, it sure packs a punch in the kitchen and in your skincare.


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