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Do you remember the song, "The beat goes on?" It's what comes to mind when I think about our L'Scents range of Parfum. People often ask, "why is it called parfum, shouldn't it be perfume?" The answer to that question is an interesting one.

Many years ago, I did undertake further training with an International fragrance Company. Perfume is how we understand scent and fragrance. Parfum is the highest concentration of oil in an ethanol blend. You can read about it on Google of course, but there are many varying opinions about ratios of what I call the "Mother Scent" this is the pure concentrated blend of oils. This may sound outrageous, however, I use anywhere between 20-40 oils when I make a concentrated Mother Scent Blend. The oils vary from essential, absolute, natural aroma chemicals and some synthetic, which is necessary for the prevention of animal cruelty.

We use a synthetic musk purely because we do not want to use the musk from deer or civet cats, which harms or kills. So, there is a level of social and ecological responsibility that we abide by when making our parfums.

When we make parfum we use the highest ratio and Eau de Parfum is below that, then Eau de Toilette, Eau de Cologne, Eau Fraiche and Splashes in that descending order. You will find that there are some differences of opinion because ratios do vary between artisans and makers. I don't want to get into the nitty gritty of it, but people have argued with us about the ratios. In some cases, it is a matter of opinion and comes back to some of the ingredients. Every artisan or chemist makes their own blend and spends a lot of time tweaking and ageing the perfume.

We use an old technique of slow, ageing, which is derived from the ancient Egyptian ways, just without the animal fat. We release perfume over months and years not weeks. Neither way is the only way, we just choose to have a lengthy curing time without loading chemicals to speed up the process.

Since the first article, we have released more scents and it has been an interesting process because the formulas that were created have been in the notebook for years. Now, they are coming to life.

If you have read the previous article, "Why L'Scents?" you will understand that all of our perfumes have a story or a reason for being.

After L'Ascend was created, we had to go back to the old notebook and look at some of the old formulas that had been written by me over 15 years ago. Masey and I looked over the formula and decided that L'Eclipse would be the next scent released.

So what is L'Eclipse about? Everyone knows what an eclipse is, so we have managed to create an eclipse in a bottle. Eclipse is when a celestial body, such as the moon obscures the light of another celestial body, being the sun. It is described as falling into decline. Perfume has a similar effect, ingredients take over and obscure another ingredient, such as there is patchouli in the base and when you first spray the scent, you have a spritz of bergamot and lemon, but after a while it is obscured by the patchouli. It has always been there but it takes a little while for it to reveal itself. This is the wonderful thing about scent. When we ask people to try one of our perfumes, different noses pick up on the various ingredients.

L'Eclipse is quite feminine, it is best described as a slightly sweet floral, mystical and grounding scent. If you are feeling like you need some lush in your life, this is the one for you. L'Eclipse contains heliotrope, white musk, myrrh and amber. A truly enchanting scent.

So, next time you are thinking about buying a perfume, think about what it means to you, the memories that are triggered by scent, and what is the story behind the perfume you want to buy? If you like a good story and have not read about our L'Scents, check out the article. https://malano.com.au/why-l-scents-parfum/

If you are keen to share your story, drop us a line at admin@malano.com.au or make some comments on our parfum socials. We do love to hear from you and we love to engage. You can come and talk to us at Salamanca Market every Saturday, contingent on the weather, but do check out our socials for updated information.

There is more to come on the L'Scents journey, so why not come along with us and share ours. Who knows, maybe we can make a scent for you one day.

May the universe bless you and may you have all the love, power and peace.

Many blessings


Have you heard of Palo Santo?

To begin with, it is known as Holy Wood, from the species Bursera Graveolens. Palo Santo is a wild native tree which grows in the Yucatan Peninsula, through Venezuala, Peru, Guatemala, Colombia, El Salvador and on the Galapagos Islands.

In traditional medicine, it is used to relieve flu, symptoms of stress, depression and inflammation. Palo Santo can be burned in ceremonial rituals. It is similar to sage and used in aromatherapy as an essential oil. We use it in perfume with purpose collection, including Wisdom and as an anointing oil in our 7 Ritual Kits.

Palo Santo adds positivity to your space whereby sage removes negativity. Palo Santo is great for meditation and can add to your experience. Some people say that it smells strong and not very nice, but that is a matter of opinion, however, pungent, you can think of the smell being the essence or lifeblood that you are smelling, which contains antioxidant-rich phytochemicals known as terpenes.

Palo Santo is commonly used by Shamans in their ceremonial practices, where they believe that the wood can reset energy that was once tainted by negativity, bringing positivity back.

We love Palo Santo, just another example of Mother Nature's beauties.

What is so special about Saffron?

Well, where do we start? It is known as one of the most expensive spices in the world.

Saffron has amazing properties that your skin will love. It soothes skin and is renowned for its anti-inflammatory effects.

Saffron contains crocetin and crocin, which are pigments that are known for their anti-free radical properties. Quercetin is an antioxidant and reduces melanin.

We use saffron in our beard oils for men, precious oils, serum, secure perfume with purpose, dry hand cream, illumination seaweed serum, energessence seaweed hand cream and much more.

If you are looking to enhance your skincare routine, we suggest that you try our precious oils of a night. Precious Oils contains Saffron oil synergistically blended with other amazing oils that work against UV radiation, reduce inflammation, soothes distressed skin, even the complexion & reduces acne/blemishes.


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Once upon a time in the distant past, there was not such a vast separation between science and spirituality. In ancient Egyptian times, the wizards possessed multiple skills and often obtained important roles such as Vizier. The Pharaohs trusted the wizards as their confidantes, offering wise counsel over important matters.

The most famous wizard, Imhotep was renowned for his architecture; he was a physician, priest (rituals) and scribe. Although the Greek physician Hippocrates is the known father of modern medicine, Imhotep practised medicine and wrote about it over 2,000 years prior.

If we are to work with both, we need to understand both concepts. So, what is science?

That is a great question. You can look at the various categories and branches of science. Modern science has natural science, social science and formal science. There are branches such as; Mathematics, Chemical, Biological, Earth & Environmental, Computer and Physics, to name a few.

Many people say that spirituality is a pseudo-science; however, as time passes, more research is being conducted, we start to hear more and more about Drs and scientists who are confirming that there is more to life than meets the eye.

I am not writing to convince you either way. You have your own beliefs. Most people know what science is and the various areas within the academic fields.

What is spirituality, then? Another great question. Spirituality is about people having more of a concern about their soul or spirit rather than physicality. Can you have both? For me, it’s a resounding yes. I am constantly working in the temperance between my physical experience and my inner world, whereby I am quietening my mind to tap into the unseen.

In my opinion, it is important to live in both worlds; otherwise, why would we be here? We cannot be totally spiritual when we have a physical body that has internal instincts to survive. We must have time for both. I call it temperance, a balance of the internal and external, quietening the internal chatter so that I can listen to the quiet, still voice that guides me on the right path. You could say that it is an internal compass of sorts. If something feels wrong, it often is, and if you don’t listen, there could be something that happens; upon reflection, you tell yourself, “I should have listened to my instincts” you could call it, ‘gut feeling.’ Many do.

So, what does this have to do with Ritual Kits? Well, I’m glad that you were wondering. Ritual kits are whereby you have an opportunity to conduct a physical ceremony whilst connecting to unseen Forces to benefit you and bring about positivity and change into your world.

I have found over the years that the quality time spent on spiritual work benefits the physical world.

I am a Minister for the Universal Life Church and a qualified Celebrant. I have conducted many rituals and grew up in a family whereby ritual was part of our everyday practice. We went to church, read our bibles, had our quiet prayer time and over the years, my mum had moved into other spiritual areas, including meditation, Buddhism, Tai Chi, Qi gong, martial arts (Kung Fu) and other multiple practices, I was taught to utilise the power of my own mind to get through life challenges.

I was blessed enough to have been taught by a spiritual master many years ago, which followed after my mum passed away. You see, when I was in the church as a child, I understood the rituals; I could sense an unseen Force. I knew that multiple worlds are co-existing in the same space but at different frequencies. I have also witnessed the power of the unseen. I have witnessed what some would call miracles, and others would call nothing more than a coincidence. 

Masey and I have worked tirelessly with our business to bridge the gap between science and mysticism. We are working together to bring some positive change into the world. Unfortunately, there are times when we go through periods of chaos in life, and it is part of the experience. Then there are times of bliss and joy. When people go through chaos, they don’t realise the opportunity for growth and potential. It is a cycle of death and re-birth. Our business has come a long way; however, we are still on the journey for the rest of our days. The difference between us and many others is that our tireless work has reached that point whereby we have to share our mystical practices with you.

We use science, and we are spiritual, or we like to say mystical, and there is a point of convergence between the 2 paradigms. That point is, when I make a skin cream, it is not just a few ingredients thrown together. I carefully and intuitively create a formula using my scientific (chemistry) understanding; when I mix it, I imagine our people are getting wonderful results. I put love and good vibes into it (this is mystical).

It’s like when you go to a café and ask for the same meal every time, you know what you will get, it may have a slight variation on different occasions, but you still enjoy it. Then, one day, you go to the same café and have the same dish and all of a sudden, it tastes terrible. You may think to yourself, “gee, that wasn’t good today.” You find out later it was cooked by a different chef. Here is the but… You find out that the chef used the same recipe. What is that all about. Well, that is something for you to contemplate.

You may be thinking that having a ritual kit is a strange thing, or you may be thinking that you are ready to take some personal level of control over your life and make some changes. Remember that to grow, there may be a period of personal cleansing, and you have to be aware that there are opportunities that come your way, which may be subtle, and you have to read the clues. Sometimes, you may have to work through some personal issues. When we desperately want something in our lives, sometimes, desperation blocks us from achieving it. Sometimes, we have to plan, take some action and allow the results to flow in. This is by no means that you become submissive or go into another lacklustre school of thinking about how you can attract results. It would be best to take action; Taking steps to move forward must follow every great plan.

I will ask you this.

Suppose you decide to buy a kit for wishing and decide to wish for love or a partner because it constantly evades you. There is a reason for that. Be open to learning. Be open to the fact that there could be a limiting self-belief.

Many years ago, I coached a lady who was desperate for a baby. She would come to the sessions in tears, and she told me that the Drs are dumbfounded as there is no reason not to fall pregnant.

I asked her a straightforward question that no one had ever asked her. “What is the one thing that scares you the most about having a baby, even though you are desperate to have one?”

She looked at me stunned and said, “No one has ever asked me that question before. What does that have to do with coming here?”

I said, “it may have nothing to do with it, or it may have something to do with it. We will see.”

She sat in silence for a few minutes, and she said, “you know what, I am terrified of my husband leaving, and I will be a single mother.”

I asked, “why does that terrify you?”

She said, “It happened to me, my mum raised us, and I never want it to happen to my child.”

I asked her, “Do you think that it could be at all a possibility that you have created a block in your energy field and your body has responded?”

She weirdly looked at me and said, “What do you mean?”

I explained to her that there is a connection between subconscious fears and limiting patterns that can, in some cases, block us from reaching our goals and desires.

I told her that it might be the right time to talk with her husband, work through those fears with him, and obtain support for her fears of abandonment.

After several sessions with me, she stopped coming along. After 6 months, I received a letter in the mail. It was my client; she was pregnant and excited. Her relationship was better than ever; she was happy about being pregnant, the fears had passed. The last I heard from her, they had 3 children and are still happily married.

I still remember her so clearly and will never forget; the power of confronting your own fears can create personal miracles.

So, if you are new to this and decide to embark on your mystical journey, take heart, be courageous, go in boots and all and give it your best shot. What do you have to lose? Only the crappy old beliefs that don’t serve you well.

At this stage, there are 7 kits to choose from:

  • Blessing
  • Cleansing
  • Grief
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Protection
  • Spiritual Enhancement
  • Wishing

We have had many people contact us about smudge sticks and ridding their homes of negativity; whilst this is a great practice, it will not bring about the results that one can achieve from conducting rituals in an organised and structured manner. The energies you will connect with have been made through many years of work and fostering a relationship, much like a friendship.

Always remember to show respect to the unseen energies and Forces and never take things for granted. Gratitude and appreciation go a long way when working with the unseen. 

We wish you all the best. May your journey be a fruitful one and your heart courageous. As I have written in the kit instructions, rituals are not for the foolhardy. They require maximum participation to get results; they are not spectator sports, and you must go in with the attitude that you will bring about maximum results and persist. You will need to take some time to read the instructions and understand the requirements.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us; we are happy to offer guidance.

Many blessings

Maryka xx

Maryka & Masey Malano

Malano Australia

My dream for making perfume started a very, very long time ago.

When I was a youngster, my mum was an alchemist, quite ahead of her time, she would whip up many weird and wonderful concoctions in her kitchen. My mum’s interests were wide and varied. She studied herbalism, aromatherapy, homoeopathic remedies and Australian bush essences. Mum was a wizard of sorts, but it was never really talked about and in the 80’s it was taboo to practice witchcraft, wizardry or any ritual ceremonial practice. Yes, it went on, but it was seen in the Christian community as black magick and sinful to practice anything outside of the church and reading the bible.

One day, my mum had this crazy idea to take lavender essential oils internally, not me, but my sister did, and she complained about tasting lavender all week. There were some funny events. I discovered that I had a keen interest in learning the skills that my mum had. My mum was into meditation, at one stage, Buddhism, yoga and I think she even had a fascination for the Hare Krishnas. I remember mum teaching me to blend essential oils and scent and make face creams, soap and blends to address ailments, like wounds and salves for bad skin and pain. You name it; mum was right into it. Throughout my life, there were times when I got into making my moisturisers and played around with essential oils and fragrance, never quite being able to be in a position to create a product line.

Fast forward the clock 39ish years and here you have it, Malano Australia. Oh wow! If you had asked me 20 years ago if I thought I’d be creating products and using my passion for manufacturing, I would have said, “I’m not sure how I can pull it together.” Little did I know that fate had plans and when Masey and I planned this business 5 years ago, we knew that we wanted to include perfume down the track. So, it’s taken us all this time to bring it to life. So, if you have a dream, make a plan, find a way, take action and the more action you take, the more likely you are to reach your goals.

So, when we spoke about the perfume line, we decided to make it artisan, boutique but using the old-fashioned style of crafting scent. We chose to make Parfum first, as it’s our favourite being the strongest. Masey and I both loved the L’ Scents, as it has that beautiful French sound to it. After choosing L’ Scents, we had to talk about the names. I made some different perfumes some time ago, and my first one was dedicated to Masey. Most people who know Masey well call her “Mase”; hence, we decided on L’ Mase.

The story behind L’ Mase: It was crafted by me, thinking about Masey. She is a strong woman who loves some of the more traditionally masculine activities, although she looks feminine. She is warm, outgoing, persistent, reflective and passionate. I wanted a scent that reflected the perfect balance of femininity & masculinity at the same time. It is a paradoxical fragrance, exhilarating and provocative. Like all of us, Masey is a complex person, so I wanted to create a scent that evokes a vast array of sensations & responses that are visible to the observers.

Sometimes, when I see people try the scent, I watch their partners or friends, and I witness a shift in their body. The aroma takes them somewhere, daren’t I ask at times. It is easy to see that scent has an impact, and science does back it up. People have loved scent since the dawn of time. The Egyptians used scent at their ceremonies and had special oils made with flowers, herbs and resins. History tells us that Cleopatra used rose petals, honey and donkey’s milk in her bathing rituals.

L’ Mase is for those who love the citrus burst of Bergamot initially, with hay & cardamom, followed by the beautiful floral jasmine, citrus elemi, oudh wood & tobacco, with a strong base of leather, patchouli, musk & cedarwood. If you are looking for a head-turner, look no further.

Moving on, Masey asked me to create a scent for her mum, who passed away in May 2020. This was an interesting challenge because there had to be a balance between the smells that her mum liked and the particular scent that reminds Masey of her mum. So, I had to think about Masey’s mum; What perfumes did she wear? What smells remind Masey of her Mum? What do I remember about her mum’s scent? What were her key personality traits? When I think about Masey’s mum, I think floral, oriental, persistent scent. She liked Red Door and Opium. So, I created a scent, but it was not right, I thought it was, but Masey wasn’t really convinced. So, I let that one go, and I created another one. The second one does remind me of her mum. Masey said she wanted to honour her mum by calling it L’ Lew because Lewis was her maiden name.

L’ Lew is floral opulence. When I think about Masey’s mum, words that come to mind are expressive, persistent, cheeky, loving, adventurous & I always remember a particular photo when she had her hair done by Masey; she looked glamorous. I think she was a Queen in one of her past lives.

When I think about her scent and the ones she would wear, they were definitely floral, spicy, alluring, glamorous & pervasive. L’ Lew starts with a burst of blood orange, gardenia and spicy clove, followed by a floral heart of orchid, jasmine and then a spicy black pepper, supported by musk, vetiver, amber and chocolate.

If you refer to the ‘Fragrance Notes’ in each of the Parfums, you will see that they contain a well-balanced mix of Top, Middle (Heart) & Base notes, giving the wearer a sensory overload.

After L’ Lew, we had to think about some other names for Parfum and how they would align with L’ Mase & L’ Lew. It just so happens that my Nan loves perfume, and she asked if I could make her one. Bless Nan. She is 99 now and still living independently. Nan has shared all of her collected perfume bottles with Masey and me. Apparently, back in Nan’s early days, perfume was a real luxury, and the bottles were somewhat a collector’s item. Suffice to say; Nan has some beautiful little bottles from many years ago.

Then came L’ Blanche. My Nan has a rather unusual name. Most people remember Blanche from the TV show “The Golden Girls.” You could probably say that my Nan is a Golden Girl; she has maintained a great outlook on life and has had her fair share of grief and challenges; however, she has always said that life is about working through the tough times and never holding grudges.

L’ Blanche is best described as aged, sophisticated and charismatic. It starts with bitter orange, grapefruit & raspberry, followed by the hearts of neroli, jasmine, nutmeg & violet, supported by a persistent base of blonde woods, patchouli, honey & musk. If you want to feel like a sophisticated millionaire, this one will deliver. My Nan has always been the Matriarch of the family, and she wears this parfum well.

So, we have three out of five. Masey and I decided that it would be nice to make a scent for my mum, who passed away in 2000. This one was pretty easy for me because when I think about mum, she was always wearing rose, geranium, loved incense, frankincense, ylang-ylang, and the house always had a spiritual smell about it. A bit like walking into a spiritual shop, with the incense going and the meditation music playing. Mind you; she did like the odd rock song as well. She was also complex and had a diverse range of hobbies and favourite activities.

We called this one L’ Maur. My mum’s name was Maureen. This is an interesting scent, I love it, but it is unique, perhaps, specific. It is not one that a broad spectrum of people would love. It starts with a burst of grapefruit, blood orange, geranium & saffron, which gives the scent an odd twist. Followed up by rose, lilac & cinnamon, you can sense the unique twist, supported by a heavy base of tonka bean, incense, patchouli & amber. You can almost imagine being transported into a spiritual shop right now. It reminds me of a scent used in ritual practice, but first & foremost, it reminds me of my mum.

The fifth scent came about by thinking along the mystical line of our business. Our slogan, “Where science meets mysticism”, is a convergence of the two paradigms of thinking. We have a range of mystical products which are being created now, as we speak. We have already released the Perfume with Purpose line, and there are other products to follow.

Out of purely seeing people’s reactions to the Beard Oil for men, called “Black Jaguar”, Masey asked me if I could make a Parfum that evoked similar reactions. Now, if you give me a challenge like that, of course, I am up for it. So, we threw a lot of ideas around and finally decided on L’ Ascend. It’s perfect. This scent transcends people, and you can see it when they try it. So, it is two-fold, ascending in mystical terms & in the physical olfactory sensations, which I might add, brings about other more interesting sensations, if you know what I mean? (wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more).

L’ Ascend is intoxicating & aspiring. It starts with sharp citrus bergamot, lime, mandarin & cinnamon leaf, followed by heart notes of honeydew muguet lavender & tobacco leaf. Supported by a majestic blend of leather, water lily, violet leaf & oakmoss. This scent is mystical & guaranteed to switch on every sense.

The stories will not end there. We have 5 new L’ Scents being released over the next 12 months, but why stop there? Good question. We most likely won’t. The amazing thing about scent is that no matter what is created, there is something for everyone. We even have 7 amazing blends in roll-on perfumes called “Perfume with Purpose.” Be sure to read about those in the Mystical category. They each contain a unique mantra written by me from my meditation practice. I crafted the scent, which works in unison with the mantra, to bring about a sense of positivity into people’s lives during this crazy and often chaotic time on the planet.

If you ever have any questions, feel free to reach out to us and be sure to check out our social media. We are always releasing and launching new products there. I say we, but Masey is our social media queen, always looking for new and interesting ways to bring you our products & of course, at times, some behind the scenes info about us for you to see.

An even better idea, subscribe to our page for further updates and sign up to become a loyal member, receive great benefits and promotional discounts by email.

Thank you for taking the time to read the stories about L’ Scents.

For those who live locally, we have our Parfum at a beautiful wood gallery at Salamanca, called “Tiger Ina Papera.” It’s an amazing gallery where you can ignite all of your senses with the stunning woodwork on display and other unique Tasmanian products.

Many blessings to you all.


You might ask yourself, what on earth is Bacuri Butter? We will answer that question by explaining how amazing Bacuri Butter is. It is derived from the seeds of the Platonia Insignis fruit. The tribal people eat the fruit and the seeds are soaked for approximately 1 year. The butter is cold-pressed from the seeds. The fruit grows on the wild Bacuri trees in the Amazon rainforest. It is claimed to have miraculous properties by the local tribal medicine people.

Bacuri Butter has quite a few benefits in skincare and body products including great emollient properties and has a high rate of absorption, which is brilliant in skincare. this is because it contains a high rate of tripalmitin, it has anti-ageing properties, stabilising elastin and collagen production. Contains Methionine which is a sulphur-containing amino acid, beneficial for hair, nails and skin.

We use Bacuri Butter in our Ultra- Creams, skincare, Soaps and Shampoos. Check ingredients listings for this miracle ingredient.



Last time I was in Tasmania on my holiday from the USA, I went to Salamanca Market, I had bought Malano Australia block soaps. I fell in love with them so much, it's the best I have ever used & I've just put a new order in of 12 blocks to send to the USA.


I love the Ultra Repair Cream. It has really helped my chemical damaged skin. I also used it on my new tattoo & it had healed so quickly, better than anything else I've ever used. Can't live without my cream.


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1 day ago

Malano Australia
Here at Malano, we love essential oils as much as you do. They have a rich history dating all the way back to the early Egyptians and for that reason, we use them extensively in many products. However, one thing that you may not know, essential oils are considered a medicine and listed as a chemical by the Therapeutic Goods Administration. So, there are some important pointers that that we thought we’d share with you on their use and safety. 1. Always dilute your essential oils in a high-quality carrier oil, such as; Jojoba, Sweet Almond or Fractionated Coconut Oil. Never use essential oils neat. A rough guide is about 40 drops per 100ml of carrier oil, which is around 2%. 2. Always check the labels and understand the dilution rates, for example you should only use 2-10%. Be aware that Bergamot contains Bergaptene which makes the skin photo-sensitive. 3. Check whether the oil you are using is safe for pets and babies. 4. Cats and dogs are able to be around some oils, sometimes that can vary, not all oils are safe for all animal species. 5. Make sure if you are pregnant that you check for cautions, most essential oils are not suitable for pregnancy and infants. 6. Always learn from reputable books and sites about essential oil safety. 7. We don’t recommend many essential oils for infants under 2. 8. Perhaps one of the most important tips, never ingest essential oils unless you have food grade ones and you are experienced or trained in their use. The best advice is to seek a consult with a naturopath or aromatherapist and they can safely guide you through proper dosages and use. 9. Do not use if you have epilepsy and hypertension.If you would like to know more leave a comment and if you’d like to see a video with more detail, drop us a line. We love to hear from you. ... See MoreSee Less
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3 days ago

Malano Australia
In a recent post on our Instagram page , we discussed how when moisturiser is used, it helps to keep your skin hydrated by holding the water in the outermost layer of your skin. But, it also does more than that. Have you ever wondered why water is really important for our skin and health?Water’s function with our skin is not only in keeping it hydrated, but supporting the skin to continue to performing its vital function. Water carries nutrients and oxygen to cells, helps your brain to function, and helps to flush out toxins/waste from your kindneys and liver. Water also lubricates your joints and helps your body to regulate its temperature. If water loss occurs, our skin can become dry & cracked, leaving us prone to infections & illness.We have developed a range of moisturisers that are comprised of many compounds, synergistically blended for all skin types to maximise effectiveness, which results in your skin being the best it can be. Your skin works hard to protect you, so why not treat yourself & your skin to luxurious moisturisers, derived from the finest quality products. ... See MoreSee Less
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