When Masey and I started creating candles and oil reeds for the home I had a severe spinal injury, which put me out of action for a long time. It was over the recovery period I realised that the Universe was trying to steer me in a direction which closely resonated with my mystical practices. It feels as though I have done a full circle, my mum was an alchemist and taught me in my childhood years to make skincare and she also taught me about essential oils, herbs, correct blending and how to align myself with nature. She was my inspiration for starting meditation, qigong and understanding the importance of tribal medicine, which has been used by tribal doctors for thousands of years. She always told me that, “for every illness, there is a plant or compound in nature that can be used for healing.”

When I was recovering from my surgery, I did a lot of meditation and reverted back to the practices my mum taught me. I felt that the drugs were creating toxicity in my body and I did not feel healthy or vibrant. Masey and I discussed my mum and had an inspiring idea to create products that complement the candles and oils.

So, began the process of me going through my notes and books which I kept from my mum, from many years ago. Masey and I began planning a list of products we felt that were important to release, which would be our ‘Signature Range’ then we agreed on other ideas and projects to expand upon into the future. The planning phase took about 2 years, in that time, we signed up for special training in a large organisation in NSW. We had to learn the correct processes, procedures and legal requirements for manufacturing products in the skincare, beauty and homewares industry.

Over the research period, we had to find reputable companies for ingredients that were certified organic, animal cruelty free, fair trade and sustainable. We decided from the beginning that we wanted to release products that are high end, align with our core beliefs and offer them at a fair price.

After a period of time, we tested our products on willing humans and we were totally delighted by all of the wonderful feedback and positive results we were achieving.

We first launched officially into the public arena in July of 2019 (Salamanca Market), but had been producing since 2016. Our first biggest breakthrough came in 2018, when our Organic Hand Sanitiser was taken to the Menzies lab in Hobart anonymously, by one of Masey’s salon clients. They tested the sanitiser and were extremely impressed because it contained no microbes and it killed microbes. The client rang us and told us that she had the sanitiser tested and she told us what the lab technicians had said to her. The sanitiser took me 5 months to perfect in the development phase and since then, I have made another sanitiser which meets the current demands of regulatory authorities.

Masey and I continue to expand our range and have all of our products independently lab tested in Queensland, to ensure that you are buying a safe product. We also have some other leading products which we will do clinical trials for in 2021 in order to make a medical claim and have a license through the TGA (Therapeutics Goods Administration).

We were accepted into one of Australia’s most lucrative markets, Salamanca and continue to trade there every Saturday. Now, we supply Aura Hobart at Crowne Plaza with some of our products and have some more exciting projects which will be shared throughout 2021.

We harness the power of nature through fusing science and mysticism and bring products to you which have been created by inspiration through meditative practice. Part of our mission is to help people re-connect with nature, discover their own personal power and listen to their own intuition.

So, why not take a visit to Salamanca and come and meet us for yourself.

Warmest wishes

Maryka and Masey Malano