After many years of buying candles and being very dissatisfied with how they burn, their lack of scent throw and black soot from the wick, Masey and Maryka decided it might be worth trying to make their own. So, Maryka bought Masey a kit for Christmas in 2015 and then began the trials of making candles. There were many hundreds of experiments done, with a variety of waxes, various brands, types of wicks and sizes, and a variety of different company’s fragrance oils specially designed for candles.

After 2 years, Masey and Maryka finally perfected the candles, then the company they bought wax from discontinued one of their ingredients, so they had to go back to the drawing board, by reformulating and trialling again – With multiple failed attempts at perfecting the candles, it took much patience and persistence with many more months of attempting to get them right, nearly 6 months had passed and they finally perfected them again.

After Masey and Maryka were totally happy with the candles, they gave them away as gifts and people started to ask about buying them. Masey has run a successful hair salon for the past 16 years but for the past 6 years running it from their property, in a beautiful boutique salon, it was decided that the salon would be the first place to start selling the candles.

In late 2016, Maryka fell down the stairs at their home and ended up having major back surgery, after months of rehab and feeling toxic from the medication, she thought about how there are so many products loaded with chemicals and toxins which affect the body. She spoke to Masey about an idea that she thought might be a wonderful way to complement the candles and make their own non- toxic bath and beauty products. Once Maryka recovered enough, she started the process of formulation. Due to being a qualified chef and undertaking life science at Uni and training through an international fragrance company, she thought that she would be able to create some beautiful formulas for Aroma Reed Diffusers, Skincare and Body Products. Once again, they were made and tested on willing people and the results were amazing. The feedback they received was centered around the- “feel and smell of the products, how they last such a long time and people said that they can feel the difference in their skin.”

Together, Masey and Maryka signed up for training in a large manufacturing organisation in Sydney to learn the correct processes, procedures and legal requirements for making and distributing a collection of homewares, bath and beauty products. They were very inspired to create a selection of products which are; non-toxic, anti-pollutant, animal cruelty-free, a cause close to both of their hearts and a selection of organics. Masey and Maryka have made the products to be of very high quality and ethical in standards, giving customers an exceptional quality product, at a fair price. They have only ever tested their products on willing humans and at no stage are any of the ingredients purchased tested on animals, they spent a long time researching and developing so that their clients and customers are totally satisfied.

Their first big breakthrough came after spending months on an Organic Hand Sanitiser, which is made with very little alcohol and 0% Triclosan, a substance used in many Australian Sanitisers, which has been banned by the FDA in the US and Japan, because of its cancer-causing nature. To date, the Hand Sanitiser is their largest seller and it contains a beautiful synergistic mix of essential oils and botanicals known to kill and stop pathogen growth, it is mixed with an organic aloe gel cultivated in NSW. Instead of having 1% aloe as most do, they use approximately 95%. There are no toxic fillers or chemicals, making it one of the most unique, well-crafted sanitisers available.

Late in 2018, one of Masey’s clients bought a number of the Hand Sanitisers and took them to the Menzies Laboratory in Hobart and had them tested and they were found to have no microbes in the mix and this is a major breakthrough, because their next big plan for this sanitiser is to have it tested and approved by the TGA, so it can be labelled as “kills 99.9% bacteria.”

Masey and Maryka are innovative and contemporary, always coming up with new ideas to expand upon and have already started a new Tasmanian range of Candles and Aroma Reed Diffuser scents. They have been accepted into one of Australia’s most lucrative markets, Salamanca and will be trading there on Saturdays.

Masey and Maryka look forward to hearing from you and hope that you love their products as much as they do. Why not take a visit to Salamanca and meet them for yourself?

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