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Candle – 11 variations All e390grams, all $59. Please read full descriptions for details.



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All candles are e390gm.

  1. Basil, Mandarin & Cyclamen – Our Basil, Mandarin & Cyclamen is a masterfully blended fragrance, our signature scent for our fragrance collection, transporting your senses into spectacular opulence. It is a classic, yet a contemporary scent, with a hint of herbaceous, aromatic white thyme & peppery basil, which brings a delightful air of luxuriance into any living space. Blended with mandarin & limes, transports you on a summer’s afternoon to the crystal clear white beach at Bruny Island, Tasmania, with a slight breeze you capture the scent of amber and jasmine from a distance.
  2. Bergamot, Pink Pepper & Rosewood – Tasmania has breathtaking mountain tops like Mt Wellington & Frenchman’s Cap, ancient forests including the Tarkine, stunning beaches at Binalong Bay, brilliant coastline- North, South, East, West there is something for all to see. Travelling around, you lose track of time. The scent of bergamot crosses your mind, layered with sweet blood orange, zesty grapefruit & pine needle invigorating your soul. On your path, rosewood & pink pepper to add a touch of wood & spice, warming the cockles of your heart and Mesmerising you with notes of exquisite vanilla & spellbinding patchouli. This ingenious blend will revive any space into extravagance.
  3. Cedarwood, Fir Needle & Smoky Fig – Breakfast on a crisp, sunny morning on your deck in Tasmania, the outlook intoxicating. You are enraptured by sweet juicy figs, from ancient trees, deep-rooted in history, the scent of a smoky log fire, warming hearts, with a rush of cedarwood & fir needles, dramatic woody aroma, with subtle fruity scents of cassis, a dash of cream, complimenting blackcurrants & jasmine.
  4. Jasmine, Patchouli & Vetiver – A stroll around the Hobart Wharf, located in Tasmania, you can feel the warm ocean waters, the delicate breeze rushes over you, it’s just the right temperature. After a while, you notice you’re in town; you sip some lovely iced tea, you’re hit with a sophisticated & feminine fragrance, from a woman passing by. There are vibrant citrus notes of bergamot & grapefruit awaken your senses, revitalised. Inspired to capture another aroma, you sense a velvety & captivating red rose, wrapped in jasmine, it reminds you of bygone days spent in gardens, blooming with an abundance of floral bouquets. There is no escaping the white musk, patchouli & vetiver, earthy, woody, bringing sensuality & amplifying the luscious aroma of this luxurious scent.
  5. Lavender, Tobacco Leaf & Cinnamon – Encapsulating masculinity, containing a beautiful balance of citrusy bergamot, a subtle note of lavender and supported by a long and lengthy scent of vetiver, cinnamon, tobacco leaf, oakmoss and patchouli. It promises to deliver a perfect balance of wood and spice, which does not disappoint. This is a scent for people who love the strength of vetiver and the earthy pungent oils which leave a long-lasting impression.
  6. Lemongrass & Persian Lime – Lemongrass & Persian Lime offers a zingy and zesty scent to every home or office. With the unmistakable fresh, natural citrus scent of lemongrass, combined with zesty lime, lemon peel, and a soft floral undertone, containing jasmine and supported by a sweet vanilla base. This scent is sure to energise even the dullest of rooms and lift the vibe of any space. This scent is a must for those who love powerful and unforgettable aromas.
  7. Lychee, Amber & Peach – Early morning artisan markets, you are swept away by the scent of tangy & tropical fruit accords; sweet peach, zingy green apple & succulent melons. Highlighted by sweet lychee & strawberry. A delightfully playful scent, uplifting, transforming any area into a playful, yet luxurious space. Winding down with an amber undertone to bring a balance between playfulness & relaxation. An inspiring aroma, which entices & enlivens the senses.
  8. Magnolia, Red Rose & Freesia – Magnolia Red Rose & Freesia, sparks all things feminine, this is an elaborate yet subtle floral scent. With initial citrus notes of mandarin and grapefruit, you will love the delicate balance, followed up with middle notes of red rose and freesia, supported by the sweet & seductive ylang-ylang flower, supported by a stunning base of patchouli, magnolia, tuberose, and vetiver. A truly divine scent, which leaves you with the imaginings of wandering a luscious garden on a splendid spring day.
  9. Oakmoss, Tangerine & Brown Sugar – Refreshingly sweet and vibrant with notes of kaffir lime offering an energising zest & tangerine giving you a sweet citrus burst. Followed by the sweet offerings of strawberry, supported by a beautiful base of oakmoss and the caramel tones of brown sugar. This promises to delight your senses and gives that feeling, “Spring and summer is in the air.”
  10. Vanilla Avant-Garde – Deliciously comforting, Vanilla reigns supreme, truly innovative, reminiscent of a Tasmanian Patisserie. Promising to delight your senses day after day, with a subtle hint of caramel, cream & sugar, all things nice, without the spice. This is no ordinary vanilla, leaves a long-lasting aura of succulence.
  11. Wild Mint, Neroli & Malt – Walking through Tasmania’s Wild West Coast Range, considered to be an easy walk to the Montezuma Water Falls, it is no easy task without the right gear. An abundance of aromas & sensations envelops you, and the view is splendid, awesome & invigorating. After a long, hard day, you sit back & enjoy an uplifting & energising blend of wild mint & bergamot, complemented by the aroma of spearmint, which sparks your senses, along with an intoxicating blend of jasmine, sweet rhubarb & malt, giving a crisp & exhilarating finish.


Your first burn will take approximately 3 hours for the wax to melt to the edge of the glass.
At this point, blow out your candle gently and allow the wax to reset before relighting.
Each subsequent burn, should not be less than 2 hours or more than 4 hours.
Why is this so important? Soy wax has a burn memory. Each time you burn your candle, burn it to the edge of the glass so that your candle does not tunnel.
Never move a burning candle, as this can affect your wicks. Extinguish first, ensure wax has set before moving.
Never burn your candle in drafty areas.
Each time you relight your candle, trim off the mushroom or tip, making sure your wicks are no less than 1cm in height.
If the wicks are too short, it will affect the integrity of your candle.
A perfect burning candle all depends on where the wicks sit, they must always be in the original position.
If you notice your wicks have moved, gently reposition your wicks to the original position, while the wax is still
liquefied, ensuring you don’t get wax on the tip of the wicks.
The generous percentage of fragrance oil may cause the wax to lift off the glass & or small air bubbles & slight discolouration of wax, especially with surrounding temperature changes. This does not affect the
candle’s aroma or lifespan.

Always burn within sight, on a heat resistant, stable, flat surface.
Do not burn right down to the base.
Keep away from children & pets.
Keep clear of items that catch fire.
Store below 30 C.


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