Jasmine, Patchouli & Vetiver Refill 200ml



C I T R U S / F L O R A L.


Product Description

A leisurely stroll around the Hobart Wharf, located in Tasmania, you can feel the warm ocean waters, the delicate breeze rushes over you, it’s just the right temperature. After a while, you notice you’re in town, you sip some nice iced tea, you are hit with a sophisticated & feminine fragrance, from a woman passing by, vibrant citrus notes of bergamot & grapefruit awaken your senses, revitalised, inspired to capture another aroma, you sense a velvety & captivating red rose, wrapped in jasmine, it reminds you of bygone days spent in gardens, blooming with an abundance of floral bouquets. There is no escaping the white musk, patchouli & vetiver, earthy, woody, bringing sensuality & amplifying the luscious aroma of this luxurious scent. Ravishing, Hedonistic, Indulgent.


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Unscrew the lid & fill existing glassware.
It is important to keep the reed sticks away from heat & direct sunlight, as it can dry out the sticks.

Flammable liquid. Never light reed sticks.
Do not ingest the oil.
Keep off electrical equipment.
Keep out of reach of children & pets.
Ensure that gloves are used when handling the used oil reed sticks.

If accidental spillage occurs, clean up straight away, wipe with warm water & an absorbent cloth, as the oil may cause damage to certain surfaces if left.
Do not sit your diffuser next to any textiles, as they may absorb the oil from the diffuser.


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