🍃TASMANIAN NATIVE PEPPERBERRY 🖤For hundreds of years the aboriginal people used native pepperberry in their food & medicine. Known as Mountain pepper or Tasmanian pepperberry, it is from the species “Tasmannia Lancelota” prefers a cooler climate and grows in Tasmania, Victoria & New South Wales. What is so amazing about the pepperberry? * Well, the aboriginal people would crush the berries, mix them in water to make a paste. This was used to treat toothaches and gum issues, a wonderful remedy for infections. Also, used for skin disorders, stomach issues and colic. * The pepperberry has been found to have 3 times the level of antioxidant activity than blueberries. It contains many beneficial compounds for the skin and good health, hailed as a superfood, it sure packs a punch in the kitchen and in your skincare.

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